Friday, October 9, 2015

How Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Will Help You

The concept of bad credit debt consolidation means taking action to rebuild credit history. If you currently deal with multiple debts from different creditors and is experiencing difficulty in keeping up with your payments, debt consolidation may be just what you need.
There are two ways to consolidate debts: one is by enrolling in a credit counseling course and the other is by obtaining a debt consolidation loan. In this article, let’s take a closer look at each of these options.
Debt consolidation Loans for bad credit
By taking out a debt consolidation loan, a borrower can pay off all his creditors and all existing debts at one time. This way, continuous debt build up is prevented because of the interest rates and penalty fees incurred each month. After all debts have been completely paid, the borrower can focus on paying only one lender and that is his debt consolidation company.
A debt consolidation loan is usually a secured loan. This means, the amount of loan available for the borrower would depend on his home equity. Since the loan is secured with a property, many lenders are willing to provide the needed fund despite the borrower’s bad credit.
For those who are planning to use a debt consolidation loan, it’s important to understand the risks involved. Bear in mind that failure to keep up with your monthly consolidation loan payments could mean losing your home property to foreclosure. In order to succeed, one needs to create a definite repayment plan that works and do his best to follow it.
Bad Credit Debt Consolidation through Counseling
Another way to handle debt problem is to seek help from a credit counseling agency. A credit counselor should be able to work out a negotiation with your creditors for lower monthly payment terms. Aside from reaching a negotiation, credit counseling should be able to help you come up with an effective budget plan to help you cope with your present financial situation.
Before signing up with a credit counseling agency, don’t forget to check its background and reputation. Consumers must be warned that even some counseling services who claim to be run by “non-profit” organizations do not always guarantee a legitimate service. The only way you can check this is by doing your own research about the company’s history and track record of service.
Stay away from credit counseling agencies who may force you into acquiring a debt consolidation loan or enrolling in a debt management plan. Although an agency can suggest these options, especially for people with extreme debt problems, the final decision is still up to you. A real credit counselor should take time in hearing out the issue and evaluating the real cause of your debt problem.
Also, watch out for credit counseling agencies who demand unreasonable upfront fees without rendering any real service. If a counseling agency asks you to pay an expensive amount of money in exchange for just a few hours of talk, better take your business somewhere else. The primary goal of a real debt counseling service is to help consumers with debt problems, not make money from them.

Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Best Use Your Debt Consolidation Opportunities

Sometimes, even when we try our best to manage our finances, debt problems can get in the way. Unexpected circumstances such as sickness, loss of job, divorce, or business failure can quickly put us in a bad debt situation. However, being in debt doesn’t have to be a hopeless situation. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can flee from debt through different types of consolidation.
Credit Counseling
Some credit counseling agencies would recommend a debt consolidation program for consumers with extreme debts. Finding a reliable credit counseling agency should give you the assistance you need in handling your debt problem. An experienced credit counselor should give practical and efficient advice on how you can create a repayment plan, avoid incurring new debts, and prioritize your repayment.
Debt Consolidation Loan
One way to consolidate debts is by obtaining a loan. The money loaned would be used to pay all your existing debts from different creditors. In turn, you’ll be subjected with only one lender – your debt consolidation company. Thus, the stress and pressure of dealing with different creditors is instantly eliminated. Furthermore, by consolidating debts into a single account, you won’t have to pay multiple interest rates so you can save more and use the money for repayment.
Debt Repayment Representative
A debt repayment agency can negotiate with your lenders to reduce your debts and modify your payment terms. Each month, you’ll submit your payments to your debt repayment agency- who in turn, would distribute your payments to the appropriate lenders. Nevertheless, it’s very important to make sure that you’re dealing with a reliable company and that all your payments are submitted accordingly.
Credit Repair Clinics
Watch out for agencies or even non-profit groups who promise to give an instant “fix” or instant “repair” to your debt problems. Remember that the only way you can get over your debt problem is by paying off your debts. If the charges in your account are accurate, there’s no way an agency can erase or delete these charges from your credit report. Even worse, these agencies who disguise themselves as “credit repair groups” may use your personal information against you.
Debt Settlement
A credit counseling agency may also negotiate with your creditors through debt settlement. Debt settlement can reduce your debts from 50% to 60% or even more. However, if your creditor agrees with a settlement, you are expected to submit your payment in full at the soonest possible time.